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Parental Occupational Executive Training

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The Parental Occupational Executive Training (POET; Frisch, Tirosh & Rosenblum, 2016) intervention focuses on supporting parents understand the nature of the executive functions (EF), how they affect their children’s functioning and participation, and what parents can do to help their children become more successful in their day-to-day functioning. The POET intervention relates to all aspects of life, including navigating morning and evening routines, managing reactions to frustration and excitement, initiating organized self-play indoors, sitting at meals, and doing homework. It was developed at the University of Haifa, Israel. It comprises 8 to10 sessions and can be adjusted to be applied by parents who themselves cope with ADHD.

Experienced occupational therapists interested in learning an evidence-based intervention focused onimproving daily functioning in the natural environment of young children with ADHD symptomatology.

יתקיימו 6 מפגשים בסמסטר ב', בימי א' בין השעות 16:00-20:30 בתאריכים:
סה"כ 35 שעות לימוד אקדמיות.

  • השתתפות פעילה לפחות ב- 80% מהמפגשים.
  • הגשת העבודה בהתבסס על העבודה הקלינית בהתאם לדרישות.

Theoretical background and introduction to the POET: EF, their neurobiology among life span, the functional implications of delayed EF, the POET's unique characteristics, Barkley's (2012) model for EF

Improving daily functioning while coping with delayed EF: behavioral and cognitive inhibition, verbal working memory, and emotional regulation

Improving daily functioning while coping with delayed EF: Non- verbal working memory, Planning & problem solving, assessments for young children with ADHD symptomatology

Principles of occupational performance coaching (Graham, Rodger, & Ziviani), its contribution to the POET intervention session structure and process concepts of the International Classification of Function and Health (World Health Organization, 2001), and its influence on the intervention emphasis

Practicing the POET intervention and forms in varied means; processing and analyzing the experience and case reports

Supervision, unique summary of the POET, coping with parental ADHD

תלמיד אשר ישתתף באופן סדיר בלימודים וימלא אחר כל הדרישות האקדמיות של התכנית, תוענק לו תעודת גמר מטעם היחידה ללימודי המשך, הפקולטה למדעי הרווחה והבריאות, אוניברסיטת חיפה.

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