Hybrid online course (35 h over 6 sessions)

Are you interested in learning an evidence-based intervention that improves daily functioning of young children with ADHD symptomatology?

The Parental Occupational Executive Training (POET; Frisch, Tirosh & Rosenblum, 2016) intervention focuses on supporting parents understand the nature of the Executive Functions (EF), how they affect their child's functioning and participation, and what parents can do to help their child become more successful in their day-to-day functioning. The POET intervention relates to all aspects of life, including managing morning and evening routines, managing reactions to frustration and excitement, initiating organized self-play indoors, sitting at meals, and doing homework. The POET intervention was developed at the University of Haifa, Israel, for children ages 4-7 years with executive delays. The intervention takes place over 8-10 sessions only, and is uniquely adjusted to be applied by parents who themselves cope with ADHD.

COURSE DATES: Sundays, Jun. 12th, 19th, 26th, July. 3rd, and 10th; Sep. 4th, 2022 COURSE FORMAT: Live sessions from 4 pm - 8:30 pm (GMT+3:00), Independent-work between the sessions TUITION: 1105.00 USD APPLICATION FEE: 25.00 USD (non-refundable) APPLICATION DEADLINE: April. 12th, 2022 TARGET AUDIEANCE: Experienced Occupational Therapists who are interested in learning an evidence based intervention focused on improving daily functioning in the natural environment of young children with ADHD symptomatology

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants completing this course should be able to: Define the role of the Executive Functions and their relation to ADHD. Identify warning signs of executive delays among children, ages 3-11 years. Implement the POET intervention to improve children's daily functioning and executive function in their natural environment. Participants who fulfill the POET course's assignment requirements will become POET certified, by the Department of Continuing Education & Occupational Therapy Department, University of Haifa, Israel. Academic Counseling: Prof. Sara Rosenblum

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